Network Solution & Design

The expertise needed to carry out comprehensive network infrastructure planning and implementation is a skill set that usually resides outside of most IT teams. Pjoy is a global provider of Network Solutions and Design Services. As such, we can help alleviate the challenges you face, designing a solution that fits both your internal and external needs.

-High Level Network Design (incl BoQ & BoS)
-Low Level Optimized Network Designs (incl BoQ & BoS)
-Expansion Plans & Future Proofing

Provides a plan of action and recommends security systems for your network infrastructure

Delivers recommendations on upgrading current technology and/or refreshing existing technology

Great for you

We have designed our processes to fully address your project’s business and IT goals. Furthermore, if desired, your internal IT team can action the plan, or our IT Infrastructure Solutions team can implement the plan on your behalf. Our processes include:

Network Needs Assessment
Analyzes the limits of the current network infrastructure

IT Budget Evaluation and Plan
Addresses all IT requirements while maintaining a focus on the IT budget