Fibre Optic Cable Splicing & Testing

All fibre work is carried out by trained fibre engineers who are internationally recognised (Fibre Optic Association). We have over 10 years experience in the communications industry.

We supply the equipment necessary to undertake even the most complex of tasks. In addition to equipment we have highly skilled professionals that ensure work is done right the first time. Our fleet is equipped for the most challenging jobs.

Experience Matters

Pjoy specializing in the Consultancy, Engineering, Design, Installation and Maintenance of Fibre IT and Telecoms networks. FOSC has proven expertise in providing solutions as required in Outside/inside Plant, Structured Cabling and Fibre to the home (FTTx).

One of our main focus points is providing a stable, cost effective platform for various forms of data, which includes but not limited to CCTV video transport, CCTV IP Camera transport and Triple Play(Data, Voice and Video). With the fibre quality and the equipment we use, we can guarantee bandwidth for any application. We do not provide camera, recording or any end equipment, and our market is the companies that provide full solutions.